10 Haircare Tips for this Winter

hair loss prevention tips

‘Winter is Here’, folks! The season’s festivities, the bright red Santa suits, hot chocolate, and sleighs are upon us, and it’s an exciting time. Unfortunately, we have a few hiccups as well, not least the snow shovelling, cold, the other cold, and, of course, serious hair problems! You know it. The dry hair, static, split […]

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Lace Front Hair Systems: Our Guide

lace Front Hair Systems

(Source: lubavnel via Deposit Photos) It’s not always easy to wear hair replacement. You want to look your best, but at the end of the day, the hair you’re wearing isn’t yours. Worse, hair replacement systems can feel weird and out of place, and the worst thing that you can expect out of them is […]

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Getting The Look: Famous Hair Pieces

The old adage about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery is put to the test when selecting a wig to emulate a celebrity look. A great famous hair piece can be the key to pulling off a celebrity look, while a poor choice takes the flattery right out of imitation. Some celebrity looks require […]

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Monthly Product Blog: KMS Moist Repair Revival Cream

Behind every great hair replacement system,  is an even greater hair care system. Products that help maintain the look that you have invested in are worth their weight in gold. Protecting hair from moisture loss and repairing dehydrated strands (particularly in the intense summer heat) often requires a great conditioning product. To protect and restore […]

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Why A Custom Cut Is Great For Hair Systems Too

A hair system does not have to signal the end of your individuality or the beginning of a “one-note” existence. As you have styled and cut your natural hair over time, you have likely experienced different variations of length, colour and texture over your lifetime and you may be surprised to know that can do […]

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Side Effects of Propecia Hair Loss Drug

side effect of taking Propecia hair loss medication

Hair loss is very likely the most common sign of ageing that we notice first when assessing the age of someone we have just met. First impressions are so important that the hair restoration industry has developed countless methods and systems to try and address hair loss. Some of the options for hair replacement may […]

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How to Get The Perfect Johnny Cash Pompadour Hairstyle

Throughout his life, Johnny Cash was known as an effortless badass that had a heart of gold. We’re lucky that his spirit lives on in tribute artists who pride themselves on embodying the look, feel, sound, and flawless pompadour that was Johnny Cash’s signature style. For tribute artists looking to perfectly embody the Cash pompadour, […]

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Hair System Cleaning & Maintenance

hair system cleaning

Just as the hair on your head needs to be cleaned and cared for to remain healthy, the hair system that you attach to your scalp also needs a proper cleaning routine. Shampooing Your Hair System on Your Head: Instead of massaging or scrubbing as you would with your natural hair, you should scoop up the […]

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Monthly Product Blog: Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive

Understanding, differentiating and finding a personal adhesive can be a complicated process. The type of bond depends on your body chemistry, and sometimes finding the perfect product for hair bonding means going through a process of trial and error. Then, once you’ve found what you consider the perfect product, you may need to consider a […]

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Tips For Selecting The Right Hair System For You: Head Size

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a hairpiece, it’s integral that you get one that fits properly so that you get the most natural looking head of hair possible. When you’re working with a non-surgical hair replacement systems salon technician, you’ll receive the white glove treatment where a stylist will make all of […]

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