Side Effects of Propecia Hair Loss Drug

what are side effects of Propecia?Hair loss is very likely the most common sign of ageing that we notice first when assessing the age of someone we have just met. First impressions are so important that the hair restoration industry has developed countless methods and systems to try and address hair loss. Some of the options for hair replacement may have very negative effects on your body, making it essential to know all of the facts before selecting a restoration system for your hair replacement needs.

Prescription drugs are among the many hair replacement options available to hair loss sufferers.  Among the drug therapy options is a hormone-blocking drug known as finasteride or, more commonly, Propecia. Since its release, studies concerning the negative, long-term sexual side effects of Propecia have shed light on a subject that every person in search of a hair loss solution should be aware of.

What sexual side effects are associated with Propecia?

Men suffer a few different sexual side effects with the use of Propecia, and some have been reported to last well after the patient ceased taking the drug. The most common sexual side effects in men include erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder, and a decreased libido (lowered sex drive). Many studies have been completed to document all three effects of the drug and it has been discovered that in some cases, these devastating effects persist; leading researchers to conclude that Propecia’s negative side effects may not be reversed by a simple cessation of taking the pills.

Before selecting your hair replacement plan be sure to familiarize yourself with the serious side effects of Propecia; while a pill may seem to be the simplest path to hair restoration, you may find that a non-surgical system such as a high quality, professionally crafted hairpiece is a safer option for your health – and your love life.

Erectile Dysfunction

Persistent erectile dysfunction, in addition to the other sexual side effects associated with daily Propecia use, has been debated and the subject of controversy. In a 2010 systematic review by members of the medical profession, it was concluded that the risk of sexual side effects could be supported by “moderate-quality evidence”. The US Federal Drug Administration has ensured that patients are warned about the possibility of erectile dysfunction. Clinical trials reported that at least 6 to 8 per cent of patients had the negative effect of erectile dysfunction.

Ejaculatory Disorder

Premature male baldness can definitely take a severe toll on a man’s self-confidence and self-image leading many to turn to remedies like Propecia to fight back. Propecia’s connection to ejaculatory dysfunction can be the cause of infertility in couples trying to conceive a child. Decreased semen volume and retrograde ejaculation (when semen does not exit the body via the urethra and is instead released into the bladder) and ejaculation failure are all known side effects of Propecia. Reclaiming your youthful looks at the cost of your fertility may be enough to convince you to consider the many alternative hair replacement systems available and forgo drug therapy.

Lowered Sex Drive

A loss of sexual appetite is in direct contrast with the restoration of confidence that a hair replacement remedy should bring. As far as the side effects of Propecia go, a lowered sex drive can be a very frustrating experience. While the risk is moderate, for those impacted by this Propecia side effect, the results can be very damaging.

The emotional fallout of decreased libido can be very difficult for sexual relationships. According to one study, a decline in libido was experienced by 94 percent of men experiencing sexual side effects from the medication. In the same study, it was discovered that the average time span for prolonged side effects (after stopping Propecia) was a staggering 40 months.

Are You Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction Due to Propecia?

what are the side effects of Propecia?If you are taking hair restoration medication and experiencing any of the following symptoms you should speak with your doctor right away to find out if it is your medication that is causing erectile dysfunction:

  • Lowered sex drive, lack of interest in having sex with your partner.
  • Inability or trouble getting and keeping an erection, you may still be interested in sex but have become unable to perform since commencing hair replacement drug therapy.

Propecia’s suppression of the human DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone is the likely culprit for erectile dysfunction. DHT is essential to sexual function in males and easily disrupted by 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor drugs like Propecia. As erectile dysfunction is a problem that can be connected to a wide variety of medical concerns and ageing in general; medication is not always the catalyst and it is very important to see your doctor if you suspect a problem. Erection trouble is a common medical concern with a variety of causes, and it is also the most common sexual dysfunction side effect reported by Propecia users.

What Are The Other Other Risks Associated with Hair Loss Medication?

Armed with the knowledge of the risks associated with hair restoration medications, do yourself (and your health) favour and investigate alternative solutions such as hair pieces or non-surgical transplants of real hair. Options that do not require medication deserve a closer look and 3rd Dimension offers alternatives to drug therapy.

Hair replacement systems have come a long way and new technological advances have resulted in natural, realistic, high-quality options for hair restoration that will spare you the risks of taking pills. A 3rd Dimension style expert can review our alternative hair restoration solutions and assist you with all of your hair replacement needs in Toronto.

While some Propecia users may experience little to no effects, the risks do remain very clear. It is possible to obtain the look you want without the risks of harmful side effects by contacting 3rd Dimension to learn more about alternative hair restoration systems. Our qualified professionals will listen to your needs and concerns and help you to discover a hair replacement strategy that will restore your confidence without risking your sexual well-being or health.

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