Side Effects of Propecia Hair Loss Drug

side effect of taking Propecia hair loss medication

Hair loss is very likely the most common sign of ageing that we notice first when assessing the age of someone we have just met. First impressions are so important that the hair restoration industry has developed countless methods and systems to try and address hair loss. Some of the options for hair replacement may […]

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5 Signs To Detect Male Hair Loss

detect male hair loss

Male hair loss happens pretty frequently, for a lot of men before they turn 35. You’re not alone in the struggle. According to the Male Hair Loss Association, 66% of men experience some level of hair loss before they hit 35. Losing hair for men in their late twenties or early thirties can cause men […]

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What Causes Scalp Sores?

causes of scalp sores

The scalp is an important part of your body. For many people, it produces about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs, though this can be less for a person experiencing hair loss. Hair grows from follicles, which are tiny sacs under the skin lined with cells and oil glands. Your hair follicles typically go through a five-year […]

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