Monthly Product Blog: Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive

Understanding, differentiating and finding a personal adhesive can be a complicated process. The type of bond depends on your body chemistry, and sometimes finding the perfect product for hair bonding means going through a process of trial and error.

Then, once you’ve found what you consider the perfect product, you may need to consider a different adhesive for the changing seasons to adapt to humid or incredibly wet weather forecasts.

We know that there are conflicting accounts across the internet, and everyone claims their certain favourites, but knowing the basics about each product can help you make a better decision for your first hair system adhesive purchase.

As part of our ongoing, monthly, focus on hair systems products, we’re discussing the highlights and benefits of a number of different products. Today we’re discussing Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive.

Product Description of Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive:

There are actually two different formulas of Davlyn Adhesive:

  • Green is formulated for lace hair systems & users with oily skin
  • Black is safe for use on polyurethane hair systems

However, those appear to be the only differences between the two formulas.

As a family-oriented brand, Davlyn has been successful in their creation of tape adhesives as well as scalp protector treatments. So, without further ado, the benefits of Davlyn!

Product Highlights

  • Acrylic Solvent-based
  • Waterproof — perfect for swimming, sweating, vigorous workouts
  • Long-lasting (up to 3 weeks for some users)
  • Goes on clear & Dries clear
  • Applied with a brush
  • Small bottle (0.5 oz/15ml) makes carrying around easy
  • Quick seal & immediately waterproof

How-To Apply:

  1. Wash and dry skin thoroughly. Ensure that all traces of glue from your previous adhesion has been removed with the solvent of your choice.
  2. Cleanse the area with alcohol. We suggest anywhere between 91%-99% to ensure the most optimal clean.
  3. Scalp Protector — The composition of this product includes Ethyl Acetate, so make sure to use a good quality scalp protector to prevent the product from seeping into your scalp. The composition of the glue is, however, formulated to prevent this.
  4. Apply one thin, even layer to skin with the brush applicator — you can also apply this layer to tape if that is your chosen method
  5. Let this layer dry for 3 minutes until the shininess goes away
  6. Adjust and attach hairpiece and press firmly, with the glue attaching directly to the unit
  7. Wait for 10 minutes for the adhesive to seal and dry completely before it becomes waterproof

So how long does it last?

Depending on your body chemistry, Davlyn waterproof adhesive is marketed as lasting up to 3 weeks. Because of the easy-to-carry bottle, you can reapply at any time if there is lift or slippage throughout the day. Touch-ups and emergency situations have never been easier to manage.

We’ve experienced, however, that the adhesive can last anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks.


Clearly written on the back of the product is a warning that it is combustible. This, of course, means that you can’t apply it near a candle, while smoking a cigarette, or near any other open flame. But we really don’t think that will be an issue.

For those with eczema, psoriasis, or any other sensitive skin we recommend a skin test before using the product. Some people have reported that they’ve experienced irritation or mild allergic reactions. Once again, as with any product, your body composition may simply not work with certain products.

The chemical compound in this adhesive is Ethyl Acetate, which is common in nail polish removers, glue, cigarettes, wine, and glues. It is also used to decaffeinate tea or coffee.

How To Remove

Lace release is our best suggestion to remove Davlyn adhesive, strictly because of the firm hold that the adhesive creates. Lace release not only easily removes your hair, but it protects the delicate composition of your lace hair system, without tearing.

Spray or dab the lace release down, and after a few minutes, you can then gently tug at your unit to remove it from your scalp.

Where to purchase it

Both Davlyn green and black come in a 0.5oz bottle (15ml) with a brush for easy application, and can be purchased online for around $7. You can also visit us in our salon to discuss your best options for a hair system adhesive that will work best with your body composition and lifestyle.

At 3rd Dimension Studios, our hair technicians want to make sure that you leave our salon with your head held high because your hair system gives you the confidence that your hair loss stole from you. We know that finding the best adhesive can be a struggle, we’ll help. Give us a call!

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