Lace Front Hair Systems: Our Guide

Lace Front Hair Systems

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It’s not always easy to wear hair replacement. You want to look your best, but at the end of the day, the hair you’re wearing isn’t yours. Worse, hair replacement systems can feel weird and out of place, and the worst thing that you can expect out of them is others finding out about it.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. In recent years, the hair replacement system industry has come up with a range of amazing solutions to make hair replacements look and feel natural.

Lace front hair replacement systems are among those solutions which not only convince others that the hair you have on is actually yours, but are also comfortable enough that you feel good wearing them.

What is the Lace Front Hair System?

They look natural and are incredibly strong and durable. These systems are massively popular in Hollywood and are quickly gaining ground everywhere else where style matters.

Why? Because lace front hair replacement systems have an invisible hairline. When properly fitted, the invisible hairline makes it seem like the system is actually your natural hair! In fact, no one will tell that you have a hair replacement system unless you decide to tell them.

If you want realism, you need a lace front hair replacement system.

How are Lace Front Hair Systems Made?

Lace front hair replacement systems use panels made up of sheer lace, but the hair (which can be real (human hair) or synthetic hair) is sewn into the holes of the lace.

How do Lace Front Hair Systems Stay On?

Like most other kinds of hair replacement systems, you can keep lace front systems in place through the use of special glue, tape, bobby pins and elastic bands.

The versatility of Styles and Variety of Lace Front Hair

You can get lace front hair replacement systems in a wide range of styles.

Be it short-cut hair, curls, straight and long, ponytails, raven black, blonde or a mix, you have a choice. After all, it’s the versatility of lace front hair systems in forming many different styles that pushed Hollywood to rely on them visualizing characters.

But lace front hair replacement systems aren’t just for stars!

The versatility of lace front hair systems means that everyone, especially those suffering from health issues such as alopecia, premature balding or the side-effects from chemotherapy, can benefit from them.

You can have styles for normal use. For example, you can half a half ponytail, side ponytail or a low ponytail. You can even have a neckline look while appears as natural as real hair.

Pros & Cons of Lace Front Hair Systems


Lace can stretch to cover your entire scalp area, which hides your hairline and makes it seem as though the hair replacement system is your natural hair.

However, the benefits of lace front systems really shine when it comes to styling. These give off the appearance of a natural hairline, so you’re free to brush the hair away from the forehead.

Besides style flexibility and a realistic, natural look, lace front hair replacement systems are also very comfortable.

For example, many people sweat a lot when artificial hair systems, but lace front systems offer a high level of breathability. In hot weather or indoors, this is an incredible benefit.


Of course, not everything is perfect.

With time, your hair replacement system will begin to lose traction and will eventually slip. But with the right maintenance, you can prevent this from happening. In fact, you must be diligent in keeping your system in good condition, otherwise, it could cause damage to your scalp.

Lace Front Hair System Care and Maintenance


Like real hair, you need to wash and condition your system on a regular basis. To do this, you should place the system on a mannequin head, which will help maintain the shape of the base while you wash it. Consider moisturizing it on alternating nights to keep the hair’s shine.


Hair replacement systems are an investment, so you need to take care when storing them.

Firstly, you must store your hair replacement systems away from direct sunlight, high heat and dust. Each of these factors will degrade your system and reduce your system’s longevity.

Secondly, you must also protect your systems from becoming playthings for children and pets; ensure your artificial hair is kept in a safe place.

While investing in hair replacement systems, you should consider investing in a mannequin head (or a head made out of styrofoam). Doing so will ensure that the lace base maintains its flexibility and continues fitting on your scalp over time.

If you feel that now is the time to look into lace front hair replacement systems, then reach out to 3rd Dimension HD Hair Systems today.

We offer a wide selection of non-surgical hair solutions for men, women and children so that you get the style you want with the natural look and feel you need.

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