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3Behind every great hair replacement system,  is an even greater hair care system. Products that help maintain the look that you have invested in are worth their weight in gold. Protecting hair from moisture loss and repairing dehydrated strands (particularly in the intense summer heat) often requires a great conditioning product. To protect and restore your hair replacement system, a weightless leave-in conditioner such as KMS Moist Repair Revival Cream is highly recommended. Moist Repair Revival Cream is a lightweight formula, it’s non-greasy and isn’t oily.  KMS has created a superior leave-in product that detangles your hair instantly and reduces the appearance of frizz dramatically. Every hair care tool kit should contain a Moisture Repair go-to product and this is it.

A hair replacement system is an investment that you will always want to protect and maintain with the best products for the job. With a growing population of younger hair loss sufferers, a chic well-styled look is very much in demand for young professionals. Only 60% of men do not exhibit visible signs of hair loss by their mid-thirties. The staggering 40% who do experience hair loss want a hair replacement solution can be  styled with ease and appear natural. While our artists deliver quality hair restoration solutions, the longevity of these results is most definitely in the customer’s hands – how you care for your system after you leave the salon is entirely up to you. The more mindful you are of routine care for your hair piece, the longer your new look will last. Successful hair restoration systems are cared for and well-maintained. Knot sealing products, the right shampoos and conditioning products along with a lot of common sense and practical use should mean that your hair replacement system lasts a very long time. Of course, there are many factors we cannot control that impact our hair and weather is a big one.

The elements are always an important concern when selecting care products. The weather where you live should be factored into your choices. Climate will often dictate hair care needs. Humidity, or lack thereof, can have a drastic impact on hair and skin. Thankfully there are many options available to help us restore the proper moisture balances we require. Humid conditions require a good anti-frizz solution and KMS Moist Repair Revival Cream is an excellent one.


About KMS

KMS California manufactured its first hair care products in 1976 and now boasts more than 40 years of exceptional hair care expertise. Innovative by nature, the company was one of the first to introduce leave-in conditioners to the market in the 1980’s – revolutionizing hair care for a hair-obsessed generation.  West coast sunshine and other damaging environmental factors have led the company to develop some of the best conditioning and protecting products available for hair today.

Moist Repair Revival Cream – Product Highlights

Moist Repair Revival Cream is a lightweight leave-in treatment that will keep your hair replacement system looking great.

  • Restores moisture balance to combat dryness
  • Instantly detangles and helps with manageability
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Non-oily, non-greasy formula
  • Pleasant scent
  • Tames static flyaways
  • Time-saver (no rinsing required)

The product is very easy to use, simply work a small amount through towel-dried hair and style your hair piece as you usually would.

The benefits of leave-in conditioner

Detangling and preventing breakage help in the quest to eradicate frizz. Leave-in conditioners have many benefits, but combating breakage is paramount. The ingredients in leave-in products are designed to help lock-in moisture in a way that a rinse-out formula cannot. If dryness is a concern, a leave-in conditioner may be the best solution to your problem. In addition to sealing-in moisture, leave-in formulas often help to strengthen hair which also assists in preventing split ends and breakage.

Shine boosting and curl definition are added benefits to using a leave-in. Shiny, lustrous locks always look healthier. Leave-in formulas add shine to hair and define natural curls without the use of heat. For naturally curly hair, a leave-in product can detangle and define curls while cutting frizz – a win-win.

Leave-Ins and Hair Pieces

When it comes to protecting your hair piece from damage there are a few essential rules of thumb:

  • Prevent oxidation (protect your hair system from harmful UV rays).
  • Shampoo infrequently (1-2 times per week is more than enough, any more than this and you will risk damaging your hair system).
  • Prevent loss.

Preventing loss can be greatly aided by the use of a leave-in conditioner. Shampoos and conditioners should be gentle formulas. A leave-in conditioner can be gently sprayed onto your hair piece daily to help prevent hair loss due to tangles. A leave-in conditioner is highly recommended for hair replacement systems instead of a traditional rinse-out formula.

The Best Kept Secret?

In an independent study during 2014 it was recorded that only 18.3% of spending on hair care products in Canada is spent on conditioning. As conditioner should be used daily with your hair replacement system, and shampooing done less frequently, you may actually be in on one of the best kept secrets of the hair product industry. With 30% spent on shampooing, it would appear that many people are unaware of the importance of conditioner and beyond that, the benefits of a leave-in product.

Where To Buy

KMS Moist Repair Revival Cream is distributed throughout Canada and can be purchased online for the average cost of $20.00 for a 4.2 oz bottle (125ml). As hair replacement experts in Toronto, the stylists at 3rd Dimension can help you find the products that will preserve and protect your hair replacement system. Our salon is a great place to start, for all of your haircare needs.

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