3 Health Conditions That Cause Female Hair Loss

Noticeable female hair loss can be distressing, regardless of how early you start to recognize the warning signs. The thing about thinning hair is that it can happen to anyone, at any time, regardless of their age. Often the signs aren’t clear for female hair loss, but if you’ve started to notice an excessive amount […]

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The beehive: Rock Amy Winehouse’s Look With Celebrity Hair Pieces

A decade of bobs and beehives, the 60’s were known as the era of big hair. Fashion and hair trends in the 1960s were influenced by the working class, music and social movements, and hair stylists transformed styles to suit the Bouffant decade. The woman behind the iconic beehive look, Margaret Vinci Heldt, was a […]

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How to Use Ghost Bond Hair Replacement Adhesive

Is Ghost Bond The Right Hair replacement Adhesive For You? Ghost Bond Invisible Bonding Poly Lace Systems represents the next generation of hair restoration adhesive, offering an easy to clean solution that will keep your hairpiece in place naturally and securely. Why Should You Choose Ghost Bond? So you’ve been measured and are ready to […]

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3 Secrets To Maintaining a Healthy Scalp To Avoid Female Hair Loss

How to Have a Healthy Scalp A clean, healthy scalp is the key to healthy, luscious hair. If you fall in the category of 40% of women who suffer from an unhealthy scalp or female hair loss and are considering hair replacement in Toronto, pay attention to your scalp. Do you have scabs on your […]

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5 Signs To Detect Male Hair Loss

detect male hair loss

Male hair loss happens pretty frequently, for a lot of men before they turn 35. You’re not alone in the struggle. According to the Male Hair Loss Association, 66% of men experience some level of hair loss before they hit 35. Losing hair for men in their late twenties or early thirties can cause men […]

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3 Over The Counter Solutions To Combat Female Hair Loss

  Female hair loss can be triggered by multiple events in a women’s life. Perhaps you’re stressed out at a new job, experience hair loss during a pregnancy, or have momentarily hair loss due to an iron deficiency. When your body undergoes a traumatic experience such as depression, malnutrition, or childbirth, it impacts your hair […]

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Bold Summer Hairstyle Trends 2016

Winter is over, and your cozy winter hairstyle is due for an upgrade. Winter’s dryness can dry out your locks enough that simply conditioning won’t bring your hair back to life, especially if you experience female hair loss. It’s easy to ignore your hair in the winter and throw it up under a hat or […]

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Hair Transplant Aftermath: 7 Common Hair Transplant Risks

When considering what hair replacement procedure will work best for you, it’s important that you make sure you do your research and take into account the aftermath, and hair transplant risks involved. You have to understand what will be the most feasible and easy to maintain the solution with the least amount of risk involved. […]

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How to Slow Down Hair Loss

how to slow hair loss

Source: DepositPhotos Whether you’ve recently started to notice a receding hairline or you’ve mastered ways to cover up your bald patch with the way you style your hair, male hair loss is a stressful situation. Actually, on average, 50% of a man’s hair is gone before they even begin to notice the hair loss. Regardless […]

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Home Remedies For Hair Loss

home remedies for hair loss

After every shower you take, you notice an increasing amount of hair in the drain or stuck to the wall or your bathtub. As you rinse out the conditioner, you notice chunks of hair shedding into the drain. Perhaps your hair is unhealthy and you need a haircut to rejuvenate your look and prevent hair […]

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