How to Slow Down Hair Loss

how to slow down hair loss

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Whether you’ve recently started to notice a receding hairline or you’ve mastered ways to cover up your bald patch with the way you style your hair, male hair loss is a stressful situation.

Actually, on average, 50% of a man’s hair is gone before they even begin to notice the hair loss.

Regardless of what stage you’re at in the hair loss cycle or what the reasons are, baldness in men can cause a great amount of stress and result in insecurities about your appearance.

Once your hair looks a little lacklustre, you’re bound to seek out hair loss solutions to avoid further damage.

Thankfully, there are solutions that help combat male hair loss, or at least give you a chance to rejuvenate the health of your hair.

While surgical hair transplants are a risky solution to the problem, we’ve highlighted 11 great treatments that will help you during the tough time of fighting hair loss for men.

The big question with natural remedies is do they work or are they just tricks that fool you into thinking that you’re doing something about male hair loss?

While these remedies are not directly going to cure the issue, it’ll help your scalp get healthier, increase blood circulation and encourage hair growth.

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11 Ways to Slow Down Hair Loss 

1. Scalp Massage

Scalp and head massages are a great way to improve blood circulation, which is great for the health of your scalp.

What this does is it helps keep hair follicles active that may have been blocked. It’s best to massage using coconut, olive, or almond oil for a head massage as these ingredients have scalp rejuvenating properties.

If you’re really looking to relax while taking care of those hair follicles, warm up the oil before your scalp massage. Hot oil massages will really help fight some of the stress that baldness can cause and help you relax.

2. Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil

These ingredients are used in many Ayurvedic treatments and massages to deal with a multitude of issues related to male hair loss.

Coconut milk contains a high percentage of oil and should be applied to the scalp and massaged thoroughly for up to 5 minutes.

The longer the massage, the better blood circulation. While applying coconut milk, focus on the application on the scalp and then ends. Using pure coconut milk to massage is meant to help with hair growth. Focusing on the hair strands and ends helps because it revives the existing hair, giving it thickness, shine and a softer texture.

Once the scalp is covered, cover with a towel to prevent drips. Leave in hair like you would treat for 20 minutes or more and when you’re ready, rinse out with cold water.

As far as coconut, castor, olive, or almond oil is concerned, they contain lauric acid, caprylic acid and other nutrients that nourish your scalp. If you’d like, you can mix coconut oil with Amla oil or powder (Indian Gooseberry that nourishes and keeps the hair strong) and massage on your scalp. Again, focus on the roots of your hair with an oil treatment and pull through to the ends.

how to slow down hair loss

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Not only does help keep your existing hair health, but also keeps your scalp conditioned and rids any dandruff issues you may have. You can leave these oils in your hair for as long as you’d like. You should try to leave the oils in for at least 3 hours but it’s ideal to leave it on overnight, really allowing your scalp time to heal.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Rinsing your hair with vinegar, or apple cider vinegar more specifically, can help clear out the bacteria on your scalp and condition your hair. Make sure you use raw, organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar or vinegar so that you avoid unnecessary chemicals.

After shampooing, apply apple cider vinegar and massage your scalp and hair. Avoid your eyes as the contact will make your eyes burn. An easy way to do so is to pull your head back or use a spray bottle to distribute the liquid through your hair.

Leave the apple cider vinegar in your hair for 5 minutes, like you would a conditioner and then rinse out with cold water to give your hair shine.

If you’d like, you can mix herbs like rosemary for hair growth as one hair loss solution. Use this treatment instead of conditioner 2-3 times a week or as frequently as you wash your hair. What it does is treat clogged hair follicles and strengthens the root to promote hair growth.

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4. Diet and Nutrients

Male hair loss can also result from an imbalance of protein, iron, or other nutrients in the body. You should focus on consuming foods like vegetables, dairy products, fish and poultry if your diet results in an iron or protein deficiency.

Many men find that red meat is important because it is the richest source of ferritin, which helps the body produce hair cell protein.

Making sure that you’re aware of what your body needs and are making adjustments based on your health requirements can help ensure your hair and overall body is healthy.

5. Herbal Treatments

Neem, rosemary, henna leaves, alfalfa, amla and other easy-to-find herbs work wonders as hair treatments mixed with oils or in paste form. Using these treatments once a week or a few times a month can promote a healthier scalp and thicken existing hair for men.

slow down hair loss

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We’re going to discuss, specifically, the benefits of each individual herb in a follow-up blog.

However, if you get your hands on any of these useful herbs, be sure and give them a try and see how they suit you.

6. Hair Genesis

Hair Genesis was created to help with male and female pattern hair loss.

The botanically-derived treatment is a combination solution, the first being Hair Genesis Oral Softgel and the second being an Activator Serum. The two solutions work together to combat male hair loss. The treatment is meant to treat the scalp directly and treat damaged follicles.

While HairGenesis is not a cure to hair loss, it works to restore your hair follicles and produce healthier hair strands to give you overall healthier, fuller hair. It takes anywhere between three to six months of using the combination treatment to see the therapy’s results.

7. Advecia

Advecia is a hair loss supplement that combines herbs, vitamins, and minerals to help fight hair loss for men. It’s a non-prescription hair loss solution that aims to help slow down hair loss and revive damaged follicles

Around 63% of men who have used the over-the-counter solution have found success with regrowth. How it works is that it revives and delivers the necessary nutrients to your hair follicles and clears out any blockage in follicles caused by dead cells or build up of natural oils or chemicals.

The nutrients and herbs rejuvenate follicles and increase blood flow to the scalp so that the follicles can start producing hair once again. Because the solution is 100% natural, there are no serious side effects. Users generally see results in two to six months, depending on how quickly their body responds.

8. Avacor

Working to treat hair loss for men, Avacor Laboratories have a range of products from their Physician’s formula to detoxifying shampoo. The line of products in amalgamation aim to help with hair regrowth, resulting in healthier hair and help you manage your hair care.

We offer a three-month satisfaction or money back guarantee because they truly believe that the results are going to help counter male hair loss through revitalizing hair follicles with the help of the Nutricaps and hair care treatments.

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9. Nisim Shampoo

Nisim New Hair Growth Products not only attempt to help those suffering from hair loss but also treat specific scalp issues. The shampoo and line of hair care products are made with natural, herbal ingredients for those suffering from hair loss or scalp issues such as psoriasis.

Nisim’s F.A.S.T., Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy, shampoo and conditioner works at restoring hair growth immediately. While they’ve got a range of products to style and upkeep your hair care, they offer you a selection to help with hair growth, control hair loss and improve your hair health, depending on what solutions you’re looking for.

From the sulfate-free New Hair Biofactors shampoo to the F.A.S.T. products, Nisim has solutions for you, regardless of what stage you’re at in the hair loss cycle.

10. Minoxidil

While we know that there’s no cure to male pattern baldness, there are solutions out there that slow down the process or help restore hair follicles as mentioned. Minoxidil is a common solution available in pill form or an over-the-counter cream you apply to your scalp.

The solution comes in cream and foam form and must be applied to the scalp twice a day and four months into using the solution, most men start to see positive results.

Like most other hair loss preventative measures, however, you need to keep using the treatment to increase your hair growth. Once you stop, you’ll start to experience male hair loss again.

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11. Thymuskin

Another solution that works to improve the health of your existing hair is Thymuskin, a shampoo, serum duo that strengthens hair roots to help grow thicker hair.

The ‘biologically highly active’ ingredients aim to restore your root and scalp with the necessary nutrients to encourage healthier hair growth.

The remedy was created to help with hereditary hair loss, hair loss caused by stress and male pattern hair loss. The idea is that it will reinforce hair growth and improve scalp coverage overall.

If you’re one of the 66% of men who suffer from hair loss, it may be worth a shot to try one of these solutions. While these are just some of the easily-available solutions for hair loss, consult with a specialist to see which might be best suited for you.

The stylists and hair experts at 3rd Dimension Studios get to know your hair and scalp before offering hair loss solutions, whether natural or a hair replacement system for men. We want to provide easy, flexible solutions to counter male hair loss.

Contact one of our stylists today and book a free consultation to start looking at what steps to take if you have thinning hair or are suffering from baldness.

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