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After every shower you take, you notice an increasing amount of hair in the drain or stuck to the wall or your bathtub. As you rinse out the conditioner, you notice chunks of hair shedding into the drain.

Perhaps your hair is unhealthy and you need a haircut to rejuvenate your look and prevent hair loss or you’re legitimately suffering from female hair loss. It’s understood that losing some hair daily is natural for both men and women but when you shed more than the 80-100 strands a day or begin to notice bald patches on your scalp, it can be an extremely alarming situation.

Fighting female hair loss is not impossible. While many women may not believe in natural remedies as hair loss solutions, they tend to work for lots of women. Approximately 40% of people have tried natural remedies to help combat their health issues.

What’s the harm in giving these remedies a try, especially since most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen or bathroom shelves? Some of these solutions work for some women, while others work better for others depending on factors including scalp type, hair texture, and reasons for hair loss.

We’ve outlined some natural remedies and practices that will help boost your hair growth and keep the remaining strands on your head healthy.

Hair Loss Home Remedies

Hair Loss Remedy #1: Eggs

home remedy hair lossWhile egg is only one of the hair-friendly foods like carrots, beans, rice, spinach and poultry, you can make an egg treatment to apply to liven up your locks. Eggs are a rich source of sulphur, proteins, iron, and zinc, which makes them a great tool to help with hair growth, whether consumed or applied as a treatment.

A simple, easy treatment to make using ingredients from your kitchen is an egg, olive oil and yoghurt. All you have to do is crack an egg into a bowl, add a teaspoon of olive oil and two teaspoons of yoghurt. Beat the mixture using a fork or whisk for approximately 3 minutes, or until the liquid turns into a paste-like consistency.

Using a colour applicator brush, or your fingertips, apply the mixture to your scalp and pull through to the ends, like you would apply hair dye. Once the paste is applied all over your head, give your scalp a massage. Cover your head with a shower cap or make sure you put a towel over your shoulders to avoid drippage. Leave the treatment in your hair for 30 minutes.

Rinse the treatment out in the shower using cold water and use a mild shampoo to wash out the treatment. This remedy is meant to give your hair shine and help with hair growth for women. You should ideally apply this treatment to your hair once or two to three times a month.

Hair Loss Remedy #2: Oils (Castor Oil)

While coconut, almond, amla and other different oils help treat your scalp, castor oil is specifically meant to increase thickness and hair growth. Many women swear by it and have even used it for regrowth of eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

What castor oil does for your scalp is act as an antibacterial, which makes it beneficial against folliculitis, dandruff and other scalp problems. The acid content in the oil helps increase circulation to the scalp and improves hair growth.

Castor oil is extremely thick so if you feel like it’s too sticky, you can mix it with coconut, jojoba or argan oil to help dilute it. If you have dry hair or a dry scalp, you should use castor oil on its own since the heaviness will be beneficial in restoring natural oils to your scalp.

As far as the application of castor oil goes, you can pour it into a glass dropper bottle and apply to the scalp if the texture bothers you. Otherwise, just pour the mixture into your hands and use your fingertips to massage through the scalp. Continue to apply more oil as your scalp soaks up oil and massage through your hair until your scalp and hair is covered.

Ideally, you should leave castor oil or any other oil you use on overnight, to really let it work its magic. You can wear a shower cap or put a towel on your pillow to avoid staining or oil drops.

Hair Loss Remedy #3: Garden Plants

hair loss home remedies

Fenugreek powder, amla powder, rosemary, aloe vera, burdock root are all natural ingredients that help sustain hair growth. They’re great natural hair loss solutions for women and can be coupled with oils and applied to the scalp in paste form.

Rosemary and almond oil are a great combination to help strengthen your hair and nourish your scalp. Fenugreek powder coupled with coconut milk also results in a great paste that you can try a few times a month to help with hair loss for women.

The hair loss treatment industry is a 3.5 billion dollar industry, but before you go and invest, give herbal remedies a try. There are many herbs out there that act as hair loss solutions and while we’ve listed some popular combinations, keep an eye out for an upcoming blog on specific herbs and the benefits they have for your hair and scalp.

While every solution might not be ideal for your hair or scalp type, many of these ingredients have worked for women in combating or helping with hair loss. It’s important to understand what your scalp, hair texture and type require to help with hair loss so getting to understand these factors is key. Once you’re on the right track, it’s easier to figure out what herbal solutions will suit you.

No two scalps are the same, nor are hair textures the same. Therefore, it’s not easy to understand what your scalp requires to help fight hair loss. That is why the stylists at 3rd Dimension are here to help. If you need to consult with professionals about how to combat female hair loss, contact our team of experts and we’ll help get you on the road to fighting your hair issues and find the ideal hair loss solutions, specifically for you.


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