Bold Summer Hairstyle Trends 2016

Winter is over, and your cozy winter hairstyle is due for an upgrade. Winter’s dryness can dry out your locks enough that simply conditioning won’t bring your hair back to life, especially if you experience female hair loss.

It’s easy to ignore your hair in the winter and throw it up under a hat or scarf, but now that the sun is back out, it’s time to reinvent your look with a bold a new cut and style.

Whether you’ve got a hair replacement system for women in place, or you’re working with your natural locks, summer is all about wash-and-wear hairstyles that are low-maintenance and quick to pull together. You’ll want a hairstyle that is manageable yet stylish enough to survive the sweltering heat.

Since extreme weather can cause as much as 70% of hair strands to prematurely enter a resting stage during the summer, women tend to experience more hair fall than usual. That is why we’ve highlighted some of the best looks for the summer sun that will help mask any female hair loss.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate both your scalp, hair and look, summer is the time to do so. All you have to do is start off by putting those hot tools away, since you’re going to experiment with styles that are easy, quick and don’t damage your hair.

Textured Bobs
Just-rolled-out of bed bobs are in this summer and they’re super easy to manage. Stylists are putting down their scissors and relying heavily on razors for a textured bob that hangs right above the shoulders or shorter, depending on your face shape.

This cut is ideal for women who want to get rid of those long locks that may weaken your hair, especially if you experience female hair loss. If you’ve got wavy or light curls, this look is perfect and suits almost any face shape. Just let your stylist know the shortest length you’re willing to go and keep the front strands a bit longer to give your face a slim look. Explain to your stylist that you’re looking for a piecey, textured bob and they’ll know what to do.

To have fun with a textured bob, use volumizing mousse on damp hair and let air dry. Mineral beach spray also works well to give your strands the perfect wave and the best part is, regardless of what products you use, you can let your hair air dry.

To turn this edgy look into a night look, you can use a curling iron just to curl a few strands, but this low-maintenance style doesn’t require much in terms of hot tools. If you have a hair replacement piece for women in place, this style is easy to rock and you can definitely have some fun with it.

21Wavy and layered
This style never gets old. Whether you’re at the beach or out for a night, this cut is effortlessly sexy and feminine. Long, layered hair is great for all hair types and adds a good amount of volume, making it ideal for those who experience female hair loss. If you’re looking for a hair replacement system with some length and volume, this style has it all.

This versatile cut works for women with wavy, straight or curly hair. You can wear it straight or spray some beach spray or leave in conditioner to leave it wavy. Again, this cut is great for the summer because you don’t need hair tools to style it, but you can use a flat iron or curling wand to touch up a few strands. The only hair type that isn’t ideal for this cut is fine hair, but even then, discuss it with your stylist and she may be able to snip away at the ends to give you a wispier, messy look.

Buzz cuts
If you thought pixie cuts or side buzz cuts were daring, this season is all about buzz cuts. While most women believe they can’t pull off buzz cuts, they’re a great way to show off your cheekbones.

Not only are buzz cuts trending, but they are a way to get rid of the dry, brittle, winter hair and start fresh for the summer. Although shaving your head doesn’t help with regrowth (this is a myth), it does help to remove unhealthy locks. While women can start to lose their hair in their 20s or 30s, most of them don’t even realize their hair is thinning until they’ve lost 50% or more.

Buzzing off your hair may not fight female hair loss, but it sure does give you a fresh look.

Buzz cuts are great if you’ve got a fierce, edgy look but if you’d like to go short without shaving it all off, barely there haircuts are great for the summer too. Needless to say, buzz cuts require very little maintenance and no hot tools necessary! They’ll keep you nice and cool while you’re at the beach and are a great way to avoid frizzy hair during the summer humidity.

Another way to tuck away longer hair during the summer heat is to braid away. A summer look that never goes out of style, it’s a great way to keep longer hair out of your way and keep your neck, forehead and shoulders cool.

A loose braid tied up through a ponytail or tucked into a low bun are a great look for the day time, and a more sophisticated alternative to a ponytail.

For those of you looking to get a little more creative with your look, rope braids, fishtails and french braids are different styles you can try and see which suits your style best. As an added bonus, braids are a great way to prevent your hair from getting too much sun damage, especially if you experience female hair loss.

These styles work well for women with hair replacement systems in Toronto, since a system is so similar to natural hair. Taking care of your hair in the summertime is extremely important, since the sun tends to dry out our hair and women feel like they lose more hair during the summer heat.

Hair loss for women, whether in the summer or winter months can be an extremely frightening experience. Some women, 24% of them to be exact, equate losing their hair to losing a limb. To keep your hair healthy, be sure to condition after you wash your hair and use leave-in-conditioner or moroccan oil if your hair is extremely dry.

If you’re looking to experiment with one of these trendy hairstyles this season or are considering a hair replacement system to help combat your female hair loss, contact our team of stylists at 3rd Dimension. We offer consultations with our stylists to ensure that you are comfortable, and we have a range of style choices if you decide to try hair replacement solutions for women.

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