Top 3 Trendy Hair System Styles – Best Hairstyles for Hair Systems

hairstyle for hair systemThere was once a time when hair pieces, transplants and toupees for men were easy to spot. Today, however, 60% of men can’t correctly spot restorative hair treatments. As greater strides have been made from the land of complicated, spottable toupees to easy-to-style hair systems for men, hair replacement systems offer men the opportunity to get the latest trending hairstyles. While this may be difficult to believe, it is true that most stylists can cut and style your men’s hair systems that both suits your face and give you a current, trendy style you will love. Here are some options for you to explore with your hair replacement systems:

List of Trendy Hairstyles

1) Short and sleek:

A commonly trending look that is easy to attain, even with your hair system, is a sharp, undercut. With many celebrities and working men sporting this professional yet stylish look, it is a popular look for men looking for something that is easy to maintain. This look is suitable for men who have a bald spot or thinning hair.

How will this style work for me?

The bald or thinning area is simply covered with a hair system specifically selected for you. This type of style is suitable for men experiencing male pattern baldness since the bald spot can be covered. There needs to be a certain level of growth around the bald spot so once the hair system is set, the hair is cut and shaved to blend in with your natural hair. This cut seems nicely graded from a 0.5 cm buzz on the sides to a 1-2 cm nice blend to the hairline.

This look is easy to maintain, and the only product you would need is wax or paste to give it a sleek, clean look. Using a styling product will give you a smooth, professional look and avoid any spikes or fluffy chunks.

What face shape is this style ideal for?

Depending on the length, this hairstyle can be adapted for different face shapes. This style is ideal for men with the round or oval face shape. If you have a square face, this cut will accentuate your features to give you a sharp look but can be softened by rounding the edges a bit to create a less-sharp style.

classic hairstyle2) Classic sleek:

A timeless hairstyle that is easily attainable even with a hair replacement system is this sleek cut. This versatile style can work well for most hair types and is a popular, clean look for men looking for a classic look. This look is suitable for men with both male pattern balding or thinning hair as can work whether you still have natural hair left on your head or not.

How will this style work for me?

The area of your scalp experiencing hair loss or thinning is covered with a men’s hair system of your choice and is then cut into this simple cut. This is the perfect medium length cut, with which you can wear your hair slicked back for a clean, sharp look, or you can let it dry naturally for a relaxed style.

Pomade and wax are both great products to use to achieve a clean, classic look. Pull a comb through your hair after applying the product to give it a perfect, pulled back style. If you’re looking for a more relaxed, slicked-back look, simply use your hands to pull the product through and push your hair back. For greater hold, feel free to finish off with hairspray to hold your hair in place. If you would like a more natural look with this style, some styling cream can be applied when wet, and the hair can be left to naturally dry. Either way, you can do a lot with this cut and your men’s hair system.

What face shape is this style ideal for?

This classic look works well for men with all face shapes because it is so versatile. Depending on how you choose to style this look, it can work for a variety of face shapes and features. This style especially suits men with the square face shape.

 men's hair style for long hair system3) Long and wavy:

Long hair on men is extremely in and easy to achieve with men’s hair systems. Although many men are reluctant to try to pull off long hair, this style is suitable and trending for confident men who wish to set themselves apart. Since 60% of men experiencing hair loss are teased about their condition, this might be a great style to boost your confidence.

How will this style work for me?

Men who have thinning hair are ideal for this type of style if they so choose. A men’s hair system can be attached, matching your natural hair to give you a sexy, stylish look. This look is extremely versatile and can be left down to air dry, slicked back, pulled into a bun or styled for most day-to-day activities.

Longer hair requires a bit more care, even if it’s not growing directly on your scalp. Styling products can range from wax, and hairspray to oils and leave-in conditioner to keep your long tresses looking healthy. Longer hairstyles for men with hair systems can also incorporate using hot tools such as blow-dryers and straighteners to achieve the style you want.

What face shape is this style ideal for?

More important than face shape, confidence is the first thing men who are choosing longer hair systems should work on. Longer hairstyles generally suit men with square or heart-shaped faces. When it comes to long hair, styling and the products you use are more important than face shape so if you are exploring a longer hair replacement system for men, talk to your stylist to see what options are open to you.

Because 2 out of 3 men will have experienced a certain degree of hair loss by 35, it is vital to update your hair loss solution with the latest trends. The primary goal your stylist should set is to seek a style that is compatible with your natural hair to coordinate with a trendy look you wish to embody. Contact our professionals at 3rd Dimension for a consultation to determine whether any of these styles are right for your men’s hair replacement systems. Call or email us to discuss your new look. We also offer consultations via Skype and Facetime to provide you with the answers you are looking for.

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