Styling Your Hair Pieces – Tips For A Superior Cut And Style

Tips For Styling Your Hair Piece

Premature hair loss is a problem for men and women alike; with causes ranging from hormonal changes to stress factors, the impact of certain medications, diseases and the most common reason – genetic factors. The effects of hair loss may be represented by a pattern, such as, loss at the crown and the receding hairline “M” shape that is often witnessed in balding men, or may be seen as an overall thinning of the hair (common loss for female sufferers) and sometimes as a random distribution of bald patches all over the scalp.

  • 40% of men will have some form of noticeable hair loss by age 35
  • 65% of men will noticeably experience balding by age 60
  • 80% of women will noticeably experience balding by age 60


As increasing number of men and women experience hair loss, the quest for quality hair pieces and qualified stylists who know how to customize them continues to prove essential to boosting the confidence and restoring the natural appearance of hair loss sufferers around the globe.

Universal to both men and women, the way you style your hair has always been a key factor in how others see you, often determining your aesthetic appeal and attractiveness to others. How you wear, style and cut your hair system will have an impact on how great you look as well as your overall physical identity. Deciding on where to start and who to work with is the first step to finding hair piece satisfaction for either a man or a woman.

A quality hair piece, such as the HD hair replacement system, is easily customizable and ensures you look incredible. The best hair replacement systems fly under the radar, expertly blending with your existing hair for a flawless and natural appearance.

Hair is one of the easiest features that both men and women can customize, so it is no surprise that many who face balding will want to try to find a permanent solution.

In a 2012 study, it was found that the group of hair loss sufferers aged 30 to 49 were more likely to seek out hair replacement surgery as a solution – 60 percent of males and 56 percent of females received surgical treatment in that year. However, surgery does not provide the instantly customizable look that hair pieces do. With hairpieces, there is no healing period or waiting for implanted hair to root and grow and people are generally beginning to realize that hairpieces are a much safer and quicker way to solve hair loss problems.

Will my salon (or any salon) be able to cut my hair pieces?

Prior to losing your hair, obtaining a haircut and style was relatively easy and there is no reason that this should change now that you require a hair piece. While the stylist you typically would visit may be experienced in cutting and styling hair pieces for men and women, there may also be a possibility that they are not well-versed in styling and cutting hair pieces.

Even though a salon and stylist accustomed to working with a full head of natural hair may be great at what they do, they will not necessarily have the benefit of working with hair pieces on a regular basis.

We recommend working with a stylist to obtain the maximum benefit of products made especially for hair systems. Stylists versed in hair systems have valuable expertise in how to cut, colour and style for best results. The full range of services specialized stylists can offer includes:

  • Choosing a style that will be easy to maintain on a daily basis
  • Choosing a cut that suits your face shape and creates an invisible hair piece effect
  • Choosing a cut and style that will reduce the need to use a lot of styling products
  • Choosing a knot sealing product to prevent shedding from the use of styling products
  • Choosing a colour system that can be easily maintained during the life of your hair piece

May I cut and style my hair pieces on my own?

Cutting your own hair and/or hair piece, is generally not the best way to obtain the ideal results that you are looking for and it is always a best practice to seek out professional styling assistance.

You may have trimmed your natural hair in the past with no problem, but if you make a mistake on your hair piece, the hair will not grow back and you will lose the money you have invested. To be sure that you are very satisfied with your hair piece it is recommended that you work a specialized hair piece style professionals.

Once your stylist has trimmed your hair piece and implemented the style of your choice, you will look younger and restore the confidence that the impact of premature hair loss has threatened to destroy.

Globally, an estimated group of 811,363 men and women will seek out professional help for hair care due to hair loss every year. A discreet, no-obligation, free consultation at 3rd Dimension Studios is a great place to begin your hair restoration journey. Explore your options for hair replacement with a qualified stylist who is experienced in the application, cut, and colour of hair pieces for men and women by calling or visiting us today.


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