Your Secret Hair Loss Weapon And How To Maintain Its Greatness!

Chances are, you, or someone you know has experience with the disappointment of premature hair loss. In the US alone, it is estimated that 35 million men and 21 million women are facing one of the many types of hair loss. Hair loss changes lives, impacting how a person feels and altering how a person sees themselves. The psychological impact can be very stressful for many sufferers.

With so many people looking into their mirrors each day and watching this upsetting physical change occur, it is no wonder that the vast majority will seek out a hair replacement solution in the hopes of making a positive change that will restore confidence in their physical appearance.

hair-piecesA staggering $1.87 billion is spent on surgical solutions in the US every year and approximately 85% of hair loss sufferers will spend a significant portion of their hard-earned dollars on the various other treatments available.

Much of that figure is made up of chemicals that are applied directly to the scalp and medications. Almost all hair replacement options come with risks, ranging from allergic reactions, the possibility of infection, and even further hair loss.

Given the risks of those topical treatments, it is no surprise that hair pieces, such as an HD hair replacement system, are increasing in popularity. Their relative affordability, ease of use, customizability, and natural look are all reasons that these hair systems are a better option for luscious locks .

With a few tips on maintaining your hair piece, this hair loss solution may be the secret weapon that you have been searching for.

What you should know about hair loss

  • Male pattern baldness is the culprit behind more than 95% of hair loss experienced by men.
  • By age 50 approximately 85% of men will display significantly thinner hair.
  • 25% of men will experience the beginning stages of male pattern baldness before reaching their 21st

Maintenance In 5 Easy Steps

Unlike a wig or toupee the HD Hair Replacement System is designed to be a cutting edge hair piece that will appear natural. The question is not whether you will look great wearing your hair piece, but rather, how many people will believe that you are actually wearing a hair system.

The HD hair replacement system can restore your confidence and make you look and feel incredible. In 5 easy steps you can ensure that your hair piece looks fantastic and lasts longer:

Shampoos and Cleansers – Start With Hydration and Cleanliness

Your consultant will recommend a gentle shampoo from our wide range of products. When cleansing your hair system, it is best to use products designed to avoid weighing your hair down, while still keeping it hydrated. Selecting the right cleanser is step one in your quest to maintain a great hair piece.

Conditioners – A Hair Piece Care Essential

Step two is to regularly condition your hair system. Conditioning is the most effective way to avoid a dry, brittle hair piece. We will help you select the best product for your hair system from an array of rinse-out conditioners to leave-in options that will preserve the quality of your hair.

Knot Sealers – Prevent Shedding

Be sure to purchase a knot sealing product that will help keep the hair attached to your hair piece longer; coating it with silicone, preventing shedding that occurs when styling products weaken knots that attach the hair. Step three to a great hair piece is protecting it from loss.

Hair Coloring Systems – Prevent Fading

hairStep four is to prevent colour fade. Like any hair style, routine maintenance with your stylist will keep everything looking just right. However, with our busy lives sometimes it is not possible to visit your stylist, requiring a solution for maintaining your look at home. To help you keep on top of your colour, our consultants will also offer colouring products that can be used at home, and we will recommend the right combinations to keep you looking great.

Oxidation Products – Keep Unwanted Reddening Away

The fifth and final step is to protect your hair system from the process of oxidation, which naturally reddens hair over time as you are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. We offer a variety of specialized shampoos, and conditioners as well as leave-in treatments that are designed to help protect your hair system by creating a barrier against damaging UV rays. In combination with these helpful products, mindfulness of sun exposure and what you can do to prevent it is also helpful to curb sun damage discoloration. Oxidation prevention is essential to preserving your hair system’s greatness.

A Discrete Place To Explore Your Options

If you are among the 60% of people who would rather have good hair than more money or increased social status, or if you are simply ready to learn more about our superior innovations in hair replacement (the ultimate secret weapon against hair loss), do not hesitate to contact us via our website, or by calling our studio to schedule a no obligation, free consultation.

At 3rd Dimension Studios we respect your desire for discretion. We can even meet with you online via Skype if you prefer an at-home consultation. We offer a place to discover your best tools in the fight against hair loss and we look forward to restoring your confidence, ensuring that you look and feel great.

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