Hair System Removal Instructions

removeYou’ve been proudly flaunting your women’s hair system for 4-5 weeks and it’s now time to remove it. Maybe it’s time to wash your scalp, you just want to let it breathe, or you’re removing your hair system in order to re-adhere for another 40 days of a carefree, full head of hair. Of course, you now have the option of adhering a completely differently styled women’s hair system as well!

The process of removing hair systems for women is quite simple but relies on the use of a non-toxic solvent that won’t damage your system. Suggestions on brands to use are readily offered by your hair technician, and finding your personal favourite will simply take time and patience. Suggestions of brands that our clients have enjoyed include:

  • Super Solv
  • Protouch
  • Pure Citrus Adhesive Remover

As hair loss affects over 21 million American women, the process of removing hair systems for women needs to be simple enough for busy women to do on their own.

Frequent removal is recommended to increase skin health and hygiene, so follow these step-by-step tips to removing your hair system for women.

Hair system removal steps:

  1. Find The Edges

Since women’s hair systems aren’t obvious when looking in a mirror, so it’s important to properly figure out where the system starts and your real hair begins. Starting at the back of your head, run your fingers along your system to find the edges.

  1. Clip Hair Out of the Way

sOnce you’ve got your fingers on where the system starts, clip back all of your hair out of the way. At this stage, it’s best to try to separate your natural hair from the hair system so that the removal process is easier.

Clipping your natural hair separately from your hair system ensures that you can easily disentangle the two from each other as you remove the adhesive from the base of your hair system.

  1. Spray & Let Soak

Now that you have as much hair out of the way as possible, the edges of your system should be sprayed with solvent in order to loosen the glue. Spray around the entire perimeter of your hair system and let it soak for a few minutes.

Depending on how long you’ve had your hair system attached, and how strong the original adhesive was, the adhesive could take anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes to loosen.

  1. Gently Remove While Continuing to Spray

Start to pull on the hair attached to the closest edge. You want to ensure that you’re gently tugging to make sure that the adhesive is dissolved so that you don’t damage the system.

It is recommended that you start detaching your hair system from the back of your head so as not to damage the pieces that face forward.

Lift your hair system away from your scalp while you continue to spray the adhesive that may not have been reached initially. Continue spraying, waiting for the adhesive to dissolve, and gently lifting until the piece has lifted off your head.

  1. Clean Scalp

Now that your head is exposed, thoroughly cleaning your scalp and surrounding hair is important to promote a healthy scalp. You can wash your hair normally at this point, but make sure to use shampoo on the sections of scalp that are usually covered by your hair system.

  1. Clean Hair Piece to Remove Adhesive

Before you replace your hair system, it’s important to make sure that all of the adhesives are removed from the hair system. You can do this by soaking it in your solvent to allow the pieces to dissolve, but we recommended spot treatments.

In the same way that you sprayed your scalp as you removed your hair system, spray the spots where adhesive still remains and gently remove it with your fingers.


Remove your hair system gently

Throughout every phase of the removal process, you don’t want to pull too hard on your hair system as it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your hair systems for women. Make sure that the solvent has dissolved the glue before gently pulling back on the hair itself, not on the edges of the system.

The last thing you want to do is rip your hair systems lace can tragically affect the look of your system when you re-apply.

Understanding how simple the process of removing your customized women’s systems is integral to self-maintenance. A National Institutes of Health study in 20152 found that of 59% of women who reported hair loss, 29% of them reported at least two symptoms of depression.

At 3rd Dimension Studios, we want you to know that doesn’t have to be the case.

A well-styled and maintained hair system can boost confidence and increase happiness, and that’s something that we want you to experience. Our dedicated stylists offer absolute confidentiality, as well as a no-obligation consultation that focuses on how we can make you feel your best. If you’ve been struggling with hair loss and are interested in learning more about hair systems for women, get in touch with us today.


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