Hair Transplant Surgery | 3rd Dimension Studios Hair Systems

There are several differences between having this type of surgery versus obtaining a hair system. First of all, the surgery in question must be performed by a physician trained in this type of procedure. However, that physician is not required to undergo any type of aesthetic or artistic training prior to performing this procedure, even though the results will likely end up being permanent. A stylist providing a hair system often has extensive experience not only in applying the hair system, but also in styling it appropriately so it fits well on the scalp and blends with the existing hair.


Second of all, this type of surgery does involve an incision, anesthesia, and skin grafting, as well as recovery time. A piece of hair-bearing skin is removed from the back, lower portion of the scalp. When done properly, the removal scar should be adequately covered by the remaining hair. A hair system does not require an incision, and in fact can be performed without a doctor, anesthesia, or medication.

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