Top Hair Colour Trends Taking 2015 by Storm

Pick up any fashion magazine and the pages are guaranteed to be graced by women who have a meticulously styled and dyed full head of hair.

Unfortunately many feel as though they’ll never be able to obtain the styles portrayed in magazines, as women make up 40% of hair loss sufferers. Luckily, hairpieces for women make obtaining any style not only possible, but interchangeable.

Hair system technicians are trained in not only the proper adherence techniques for women’s hair systems, but they offer thorough fittings to ensure that you’re getting the proper system for your head shape and size. Once you’ve been properly fitted with your hair system, your technician can refer you to professional hair system stylists capable of providing you with the exact cut and style that you’re after.

For your partial hair system additions, the colour and density you decide on can be completely customized to provide a fully matching style.

Colour trends for 2015 are focusing on bold colours and styles that transform your look and style. From portmanteaus like bronde and babylights, we’ve got the rundown on the top hair colouring trends for 2015.


trendsFull-head highlights don’t seem to be going anywhere. They’re the look that adds texture and depth to your current colour, or whichever shade you choose, and can be adapted to be as soft and gentle or bold and obvious as you desire.

While highlights are a general standby to those of us looking to play it safe, there are a couple highlight-esque styles that are sure to inspire hairpieces for women this season.

Strong Streaks are so Cindy Crawford, circa 1992, but back for 2015. They are thicker highlights that stand out in their tonal colour difference from the base colour, but are more obvious than your run-of-the-mill highlights. For an edgy effect, choose a lighter colour than your base and have them paint those streaks with a heavy hand.

Babylights If you’re the kind of woman who wants to look sun-kissed all year round in both face and hair, this style is the one for you. With a more gradual fade than last season’s ombre, babylights are meant to make your hair look like a child who’s spent their days in the sun. Featured by Marie Claire, These natural highlights are all the rage among celebrities and can be seen on Eva Longoria, Alison Williams, and Jessica Alba.

Full Colour

Sometimes when you’re looking for hairpieces for women, your desire is to be drastic and completely overhaul your look. If you can do it with natural hair, why not with hairpieces for women?

Discussing with your stylist which colour is best suited for your complexion is a good idea to ensure that you get the best style for your face, and that it’s something you’ll be happy with.

brondeThe portmanteau of the season, Bronde is for blondes who want to go dark, but not that dark a la Blake Lively. Most often, blondes looking for some darkness leaned toward highlights. Bronde is usually only a couple shades darker than their original hair colour, still accentuates their natural features, but adds an entirely new element to the face.

Similar in form to the Bronde, Buttery Blonde is a matte blonde that is almost the sheer colour of honey.

Dying over blonde can often be terrifying and require some serious upkeep because of ingrown roots on your natural hair. With a hair system in place that covers the top of your head, ingrown roots are something you never have to worry about! If you’re daring, opt-in for a darker colour that suits your face and create a new you with hairpieces for women.

Reds are always a hit as the weather warms. If you’re looking for something lighter, think strawberry blonde or copper to add depth to a pale complexion. Deep reds like Julianne Moore’s or golds also add depth, and subtly complement darker complexions.

Deep Browns are the darkest most ladies are willing to go, and are perfect for those with fair or olive pink-tinged skin. These looks are luscious, dark, and scream to be worn as shiny as possible. Depending on the shade can often withhold edgier colours such as blue tinges.

Edgy, Yet Chic

This summer’s most popular style is transitioning into fall. Silver hair gives bleach a run for its money. It’s unnatural and over the top, yet soft and gentle enough that it can be suitable for any work environment. Highlights of lavender or pale pink became increasing popular, and we’re now seeing a transition into the newest fall hair trend: Opal.

Opal is the trendier cousin of bold rainbow colours as it blends silver and pastels together for a gentle finish of light pinks, blues, greens and violets.

For an absolutely edgy look, this year’s newest and edgiest trend is the Smokestack. Highlighted by Pop Sugar, and created by Pravana artistic director Vadre Grigsby. Using a combination of 5 different blacks, blues, purples, and greys, the smokestack forms a natural gradient that is truly out there.

Whether you’re looking for a hairpiece for women that looks completely natural to match the tone of your current hair colour, or something a little smokier, your stylist is your best resource. Determining the right cut and colour for your face can be both confusing and stressful, especially if you’re one of 811,363 worldwide hair loss sufferers seeking treatment.

At 3rd Dimension Studios, our stylists are on the cutting-edge of fashion trends, and understand the specific needs of our clients. With a no-obligation consultation and the utmost in confidentiality, a visit to our salon is comfortable and accommodating with a focus on making you feel your best.

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