6 Ways to Make Your Hair System Look Natural

how to get a natural looking hair system
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With so many materials, hair types, densities, and construction methods from which to choose, at the end of the day, you’ll want your hairpiece to give you as natural a look as possible.

That’s why lace front hair pieces are a popular choice for those looking for a natural-looking hair replacement system. Lightweight and comfortable, they are easy to attach and they offer a nearly-invisible attachment to your scalp – to the point that you can brush your hair away from your hairline without anyone knowing the difference.

But, as with any hair system, there are several things you can do to keep them looking as natural as possible.

6 Ways to Make Your Hair System Look Natural

1. Choose Human Hair Fibres

A full, natural-looking head of hair starts with the materials you choose for your wig.

When you’re having your hairpiece made, select premium materials wherever possible. Human hair feels and acts much more natural than synthetic hair. However, human strands usually give you more colour and style options than you get with artificial hair.

As well, the right hair density can make all the difference. Otherwise, your wig just won’t match with your features.



2. The Right Fit is Essential

Apart from the wig’s materials, getting the right size and fit is extremely important.

For starters, an ill-fitting hairpiece may end up looking asymmetrical and throw off your profile. Plus, it might move around or slip away from your scalp, giving it an unnatural look.

The goal of the initial fitting is to make sure your hairpiece can be anchored easily to your scalp while having enough flexibility to handle day-to-day stresses.

3. The Attachment Process

To look natural, your hairpiece needs to mimic the behaviour of human hair. How you attach the wig to your scalp makes a huge difference.

To make sure your hairpiece sits properly and stays in place:

  • Use the recommended adhesive for the type of base material
  • Take extra care to line up the application markers with your scalp
  • Carefully brush on the adhesive without applying too much along the front edge
  • Give the adhesive enough time to dry so that it bonds sufficiently with your skin. Allow up to fifteen minutes

4. Take Time to Style the Edges Of your Hair System

After you’ve secured your wig, don’t forget to take the time to shape the smaller hairs along the edges. While it’s important to get a seamless fit between the hairpiece and the natural hairline, neglecting to work along the edges can leave it looking less than natural.

5. Professional Trimming

Even though your hairpiece has been carefully crafted and tailored to suit your features, you may want to consider having it trimmed by a professional stylist.

A hair stylist will look at the shape of your face and trim it to match, giving it an added dimension for a more realistic look

6. Follow Recommended Hair system Care and Maintenance

Finally, taking care of your wig will prevent it from premature wear and tear. Regular cleaning using recommended hair products, brushing, and storage will stop the hair from becoming damaged

Ensure you’re following the manufacturer’s recommendations diligently. This means:

  • Use only the cleaning products like shampoo and conditioner that are compatible with the hair type (i.e. human hair vs synthetic)
  • Use combs and brushes that are specially designed for hairpieces
  • Storing it on a stand can help it maintain its shape

Follow These Tips to Make Hairpiece Look Natural

If you’re experiencing hair loss, a lace front wig is a comfortable, easy to use way to get a full hairline without surgery. Following these six tips will help to ensure your hairpiece complements your features and retains its natural look for as long as possible.

3rd Dimension Studios offers a complete line of non-surgical hair replacement systems and wigs that will renew your image and restore your confidence. Contact us today to set up a free & confidential consultation and to learn which hair solution is right for you.

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