A Buying Guide for Non Surgical Hair Replacement: Real Solutions for Individuals Struggling with Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common and natural condition: Up to 40% of men experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 35; that number increases to 65% by age 60. Women, too, suffer from hair loss, with 80% experiencing noticeable hair loss by age 60. Despite these figures, which suggest that some amount of hair […]

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Hair Replacement Systems Are More Versatile Than You Think: How Styling Works for Men and Women

Hair loss affects a startlingly large percentage of the population across the globe. As many as 85% of men will start to notice some amount of hair loss by the age of 50, although this is not a problem limited to men who are growing older. 25% of men who suffer from hair loss see […]

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Steps to Getting the Glamorous Looks You Want with Celebrity Style Wigs

Whether it’s your favourite reality television star or an iconic legend adored by millions of fans throughout the ages, something about a particular celebrity look can draw you in. The glamour of the stars – whether they be from Hollywood, Nashville, or elsewhere – has a special allure that many people want to capture and […]

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Look at That Famous Elvis Hair Throughout the King’s Entire Career

One of the most beloved cultural icons in history, Elvis Presley captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans throughout his dynamic career. Here are just a few facts that showcase how and why Elvis was such a beloved figure: Elvis’ first performance as a professional entertainer was on July 17, 1954. 149 of […]

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Why More People are Turning to Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems: The Risks of Surgery

Hair loss comes upon many people gradually. They start to notice hair falling out at a higher rate than usual, more than the average 100 hairs a day that most people experience. Or they start to notice thinner patches on their scalps, where hair has stopped growing back. Almost 50% of the population experiences some […]

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The Art of Costume Wigs: A Tribute to Memorable Theatrical Hair Pieces

They are the unsung heroes of the theatrical world. They create the pieces that can truly bring the characters on the stage and screen to life. Yet, often, their creativity goes unnoticed. They are the wig designers who build costume wigs. Whether on- or off-Broadway, these essential members of the costume team construct masterpieces that […]

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What Causes Scalp Sores?

causes of scalp sores

The scalp is an important part of your body. For many people, it produces about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs, though this can be less for a person experiencing hair loss. Hair grows from follicles, which are tiny sacs under the skin lined with cells and oil glands. Your hair follicles typically go through a five-year […]

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