Tips For Selecting The Right Hair System For You: Head Size

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a hairpiece, it’s integral that you get one that fits properly so that you get the most natural looking head of hair possible.

When you’re working with a non-surgical hair replacement systems salon technician, you’ll receive the white glove treatment where a stylist will make all of the necessary measurements to ensure that you get a capsize that fits your scalp and head.

At 3rd Dimension Studios, the atmosphere in our salon is quiet and peaceful to help you feel at ease so that we can create men’s hair systems that are customized to each of our customers. We know that 40% of men will have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, and we’re here to make sure that you can overcome the stigma that comes along with it.

While we’ll always suggest that you come in for a consultation, so that our stylists can meet with you and discuss your needs face-to-face, we understand that sometimes that just isn’t possible. In those scenarios, we will conduct video consultations where we’ll walk you through the measurement process to ensure that you get the best possible hairpiece.

Your Personal Measurement Is Important For Your Hair System

It’s important to get your personal measurement right, considering that there is no “average” head size in North America. A 1999 study of head sizes created four categories, grouping them from smallest to largest.

The smallest sized group accounted for 30.5% of the test subjects, with the 3rd largest group coming in as the second most common size, at 27.6%. Don’t assume that your head is a small, measure to ensure that you’re getting the best possible fit with your hair pieces.

To Learn More About Hair Replacement Systems:

Since most men require a hair system that covers only a portion of their head and not an entire wig, measuring isn’t the best option. While wig-wearers can measure their head and get a stretchy cap, men’s hairpieces need to be sized correctly to prevent unsightly overlap.

This means creating an actual template of your head that will be sized to exactly match the size of your new hairpieces cap.

How To Make a Template:

Making a template of your head is really a two-person job. If you’re looking to make a template at home, you’ll need the help of a close friend or family member who can follow the following steps for you.

  • Wrap your head with cellophane plastic and tie it in the back, or have them held down on the sides. Keep it taught throughout the following steps and ensure that it’s stretched to keep all the creases out.
  • Using a marker, create a line along your natural hair line where your healthy hair begins.
    • To estimate your hairline, place 4 fingers above your eyebrows. Make a cross at the centre of your forehead where you would like your hairline to begin, and between your eyebrows.
    • Include any peaks you may have along the sides or back — clearly represent the edges of the natural bald or thinning area and don’t just draw a vague circle.
    • Include a mark or circle on the top of the crown by measuring from the nape of the neck with thumb and forefinger to the top of the head.
    • Can include lines to show desired part & hair direction.
  • Include letters inside the cap you just drew to represent the front (F) and back (B).
  • Place tape strips from the back to the front and all along the head & scalp.
    • You’re aiming to make a contoured shape that keeps the shape of your head, so add approximately three layers to make a sturdy form.
    • Each layer should be in different directions: one layer front to back, and the next layer side to side, etc.  
  • Remove the template from your head and trim any excess plastic wrap by cutting along the lines.
  • Test your template out by placing it on your head, it should perfectly cover your balding areas and make sure there are no gaps between your weak hair and your strong hair.
  • Unrelated to the actual template, but equally as important in the process of getting the best possible hair system, is to submit a hair colour sample with your template. By sending a lock of your healthy hair, we can accurately match your hair system to your natural head of hair for a seamless look.


The below video clearly lays out these steps for you, with a fantastic model whose thinning hair makes it harder to tell where exactly the healthy hairline begins and ends.



It may sound complicated, but our trained hair stylists and technicians can ensure that the sizing process goes off without a hitch.

At 3rd Dimension Studios we’re determined to provide the best possible hair replacement solution for our clients, so once your custom mens hair system has been created, we suggest coming in for a fitting and styling to get the best possible look.

Our hair technicians can walk you through the adhesive process, and then give you a brand new cut and style that reflects that head of hair that you’ve always wanted.

If you’ve been considering a men’s hairpiece to match your own head of hair, and that’s customized to your specific head shape, get in touch with our hair technicians today to discuss your options.

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