Why A Custom Cut Is Great For Hair Systems Too

1A hair system does not have to signal the end of your individuality or the beginning of a “one-note” existence. As you have styled and cut your natural hair over time, you have likely experienced different variations of length, colour and texture over your lifetime and you may be surprised to know that can do the same with your hair replacement system. A hair replacement system does not impact your ability to continue enjoying variety in your hairstyle options. If you are contemplating purchasing a hair system in Toronto, you will be relieved to know that you can easily customize your hair piece with a stylish cut-in and there are stylists with specific hair system expertise who can help you to get exactly the look you desire.

Spending on haircuts forms a significant part of the annual personal care budget for most households. During 2014, Ontario households spent an average amount of $1,317.00 on personal care, which, of course, includes haircuts for men and women. Cutting our hair provides us with the opportunity to properly frame our different faces while also affording us the opportunity to create a unique look that we believe suits us best. So why would anyone give up this effective means of displaying personal image just because they are switching over to a hair replacement system? A well-executed cut for your hair system is not only possible, but recommended if you are seeking a custom look!

How do I Select the Right Cut?

Selecting the right cut for your hair system is very important to helping you reclaim your self-image. Your hair is one of the first things that others will notice about your appearance and is therefore an important part of your physical identity. Hair loss sufferers know all too well how intimately connected hair and self-image are – hair loss has a negative impact on how we feel about ourselves and restoration is supposed to make us feel better again. Consider your decision to cut your hair piece very carefully and always ask for professional assistance from an experienced stylist.  

To select the right cut, first start with a reputable hair replacement system such as the HD hair replacement system. Next, discuss your desired outcomes with an industry stylist who has experience working with hair pieces. Knowing in advance what you have in mind for your hair piece and final look will be very helpful when discussing options for your cut. Look at old photos of yourself with the hairstyle that made you feel most confident and search for pictures of celebrities or models with hair that you like. Study your face shape and determine what your best features are, research cuts that are suitable. For example, a square jawline with high cheekbones may be great for one type of cut but not so great with another.

How do I Determine my Face Shape?

Haircuts are often tailored to face shape and there are a few common shapes that stylists routinely cut for. Use the guideline below to figure out which face shape is yours and research cuts that are meant to suit your face shape.  

  • Heart – your face strongly tapers towards your chin, your chin is pointed and forehead may be prominent.
  • Diamond – a highly angular face type that may be widest at the temples.
  • Oval – your face gradually tapers towards your chin, you have prominent cheekbones and a wider forehead.  
  • Long – your face gradually tapers towards your chin but is elongated from forehead to chin.
  • Square – a squared, bony jaw line dominates your features and your face may appear to be almost the same in width and length.
  • Round – the width and length of your face is similar and your cheeks may be your most dominant feature.


As you can see above, the shape of a face can vary quite a bit from person to person and the haircut you select should be able to correspond to the shape of your face accordingly.

Who Should I Trust to Cut my Hair Piece?

A qualified stylist with experience cutting, colouring and styling hair pieces is the best choice to work with your hair replacement system. Resist the temptation to cut your hair piece yourself. Always remember, this is hair that will not grow back, therefore mistakes cannot be corrected and you will be forced to replace your investment if you cut away too much hair. While any hairstylist should be able to give you the cut you want in theory, there is simply no replacement for having an expert stylist who works in hair restoration assist you with styling your hair system.  

Additional Cutting Tips

12Working with a specialized stylist, keep in mind the following cutting tips to get the best results:

  • Select a cut that will easily blend your hair system into your natural hair for a seamless look.
  • Select a cut that will be easy to maintain on a daily basis, requiring few products to style.

High maintenance hairstyles are a pain with or without a hair replacement system. With 40% of men experiencing baldness by age 35 and 80% of women experiencing noticeable hair loss by age 60, non-surgical hair replacement systems that can easily be customized are rising in popularity. If you are among the many hair loss sufferers who have selected a hair replacement system as a solution to restore your look, to ensure that you are happy with your results a cut that is easy to maintain is always recommended. A low-maintenance cut has the added benefit of being gentle on your hair piece (the more products, combing, and daily stress you place on your hair piece, the faster it will wear down and it may also be prone to unwanted shedding).

Getting the Right Help

Getting the right help is easy if you have decided to obtain your hair replacement system in Toronto at 3rd Dimension Studios. Our stylists have years of expertise cutting, styling and colouring hair pieces. Visit our salon to discuss your options and find the cut that will best suit you and your lifestyle.   

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