3 Hair Loss Solutions with Ingredients Found at Home


  After every shower you take, you notice an increasing amount of hair in the drain or stuck to the wall or your bathtub. As you rinse out the conditioner, you notice chunks of hair shedding into the drain. Perhaps your hair is unhealthy and you need a haircut to rejuvenate your look and prevent […]

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DEBUNKED: 8 myths about hair loss


There are plenty of myths floating around out there when it comes to hair care and hair loss. Your grandmother heard from her grandmother that rinsing your hair with cold water prevents female hair loss, or your best friend’s aunt has told you to make a mixture of egg yolks and apply it weekly for […]

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How to Remove Your Hair System With Ease


You’ve been proudly flaunting your women’s hair system for 4-5 weeks and it’s now time to remove it. Maybe it’s time to wash your scalp, you just want to let it breathe, or you’re removing your hair system in order to re-adhere for another 40 days of a carefree, full head of hair. Of course, […]

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Braids, buns and buzzs: 3 styles for your hair piece this fall


As the temperature cools down and the winds pick up, you know it is time for manageable solutions to liven up your women’s hair replacement system. Once you get into the cozy season of hats, earmuffs and hair accessories, you want a style that is easy to maintain, regardless of how busy you get this […]

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Top Hair Colour Trends Taking 2015 by Storm

Pick up any fashion magazine and the pages are guaranteed to be graced by women who have a meticulously styled and dyed full head of hair. Unfortunately many feel as though they’ll never be able to obtain the styles portrayed in magazines, as women make up 40% of hair loss sufferers. Luckily, hairpieces for women […]

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Combating Male Hair Loss – Solutions That Work

Male hair loss does not discriminate. It happens regardless of age, height, race, or socioeconomic background. So why do some men who suffer the effects feel like they suffer alone? Male hair loss is so prevalent that it doesn’t seem normal how little men discuss it. Hiding balding heads under hats is just ignoring the […]

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Your Secret Hair Loss Weapon And How To Maintain Its Greatness!

Chances are, you, or someone you know has experience with the disappointment of premature hair loss. In the US alone, it is estimated that 35 million men and 21 million women are facing one of the many types of hair loss. Hair loss changes lives, impacting how a person feels and altering how a person […]

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The Key To Longevity Is Caring For Your Hair Pieces

Hair pieces have existed for thousands of years, our ancestors wore them for many practical reasons extending well beyond compensating for hair loss. Nobility throughout the ages, have donned wigs and hairpieces to mask baldness and demonstrate status – documented as far back as ancient Egypt. The hair pieces of today have come a long […]

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Styling Your Hair Pieces – Tips For A Superior Cut And Style

Premature hair loss is a problem for men and women alike; with causes ranging from hormonal changes to stress factors, the impact of certain medications, diseases and the most common reason – genetic factors. The effects of hair loss may be represented by a pattern, such as, loss at the crown and the receding hairline […]

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3 facts about hair systems you may not have known


When given a choice between undergoing a surgery to attempt to resolve your hair loss problems versus a simpler, non-surgical procedure, which would you choose? Why go through the unnecessary risks of a surgical hair replacement when non-surgical hair replacement is offered in Toronto? Undergoing hair replacement surgery can be stressful for any male experiencing […]

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